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Kevin’s topless tuesday. yeee



Kevin’s awkward hand


It’s dark. 

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I hate this boy. <3


I really wanted this bear at Circus Circus and Kevin wasted a good amount of money trying to win it for me.

I wouldn’t have let him try if I knew how much he sucked at carnival games.

Just kidding.

Not really.

The bear’s name is Cream ^_^

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Kevin’s APO Banquet. Masquerade Style. :)

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Getting our study on at Starbucks.

Stole these from Jamie. 

Senior Ball 2012

I cannot stress how bitter sweet this night was for me. Kevin was an awesome date (and boyfriend!) even though I now have to scars on my back.

Senior year is ending so fast. 

klalala replied to your post: You really have no manners at all walking into someones house and not saying hi to the parents. Especially if it’s your boyfriend’s house. SMH..

Reading this shit got me hella heated wtf? Nigga where are you even getting you’re sources from? She does say hi to my parents.. trust me i make sure of it ight. Also it’s none of your business anyways whether she says hi to my parents or not.

Keke, baby is mad at stupid anon :3


We’re pretty lame.

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Valentine’s Day with this guy. :)

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Will be spending New Years Eve with this fine fellow